Working Titles

a (ausgeprägt) - Pronounced. Used by the judge in describing a dog’s courage and "hardness (see TSB).

AD (ausauerprüfung) - Endurance title for dogs from 16 months to 6 years of age (includes a 20 km run & simple obedience test).

AZG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Zuchtveriene und Gebrauchshundeverbände) - Association of breed registry and working-dog sport clubs — The AZG has the purpose of administrating uniform international schutzhund rules via the FCI, to assure inter-club and international conformity, making it possible to hold identical or similar international trial competitions in many countries.

BH (Begleithundprüfung) - Companion Dog - the preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund titles. A combination temperament and obedience test.

BSP (Bundes SiegerPrüfung) - trial at the national level.

IPO (International Prüfungsordnung) - International working tests. Classes I, II, III, similar to Schutzhund.

ng (nicht genügend) - insufficient. Used by the judge in describing a dog’s courage and "hardness".

SchH (Schutzhund) - Protection Dog. A title incorporating tracking, obedience, and protection of three classes.

TSB (Triebveranlagung) - fighting drive.


A (Ausreichend) - Sufficient show or performance rating.

BSZS (BundesSiegerZuchtSchau) - SV German National conformation show.

Disq (Disqualifiziert) - disqualified.

FH (Fahrtenhund) - Most advanced tracking title awarded by the SV.

G (Gut) - Good show or performance rating.

Gebrauchshundklasse - The Open Class at the Sieger Show for dogs older 2 years.

H (Hündin) - bitch.

Jugendklasse - the 12-18 month young dog class at the Sieger Show.

Junghundklasse - the 18-24 month young dog class at the Sieger Show.

Lebenszeit - Breed surveyed for lifetime.

LP (Less Promising) - the 3-12 month young dog show rating.

M (Mangelhaft) - Faulty show or performance rating.

P (Promising) - dog show rating.

R (Rüde) - male dog.

SG (Sehr Gut) - Very Good show or performance rating; highest rating obtainable by dogs under 2 years old.

SGR (Sieger or Siegerin) - Highest placed dog title at the German Sieger show.

U (Ungenügend) - Unsatisfactory show or performance rating. No grading given.

V (Vorzuglicht) - Excellent show or performance rating.

VA (Vorzuglicht Auslese) - Excellent Select show rating at Sieger show; highest award obtainable by a German show dog; typically awarded to 9-12 male and female dogs each year.

V.D.H (Verband für das Deutche Hundewessen e.V) - The German Kennel Club.

VP (Very promising) - the 3-12 month young dog show rating.

WUSV (Welt Union der Schäferhundverien) - World Union of German Shepherd Clubs.

Z (Zuchter) - breeder.

Zuchtschau - the conformation speciality show.

ZW (Zuchtwert) - breed value - a number assigned that gives an indication of the genotype of the dog for breeding purposes.


A a-stamp - The "a" stamp indicating the hips of a dog have been evaluated and fall within limits considered acceptable for breeding.

"a" normal - certified normal hips, required for a dog to pass a breed survey.

"a" fast normal - certified near normal hips .

"a" noch zugelassen - still permissible.

EZ (Einfache Zucht) - Simple Breeding. Only one parent has a working degree.

GZ (Gebrauchshundzucht) - Utility Dog Breeding. Both parents have working titles.

KKL1 (Körklasse 1) - Especially recommended for breeding.

KKL2 (Körklasse 2) - Suitable for breeding.

KLZ (Kör- und Leistungszucht) - Qualification and Performance Breeding. Both parents have Körung and all four grandparents have working titles.

Körbericht - judge comments during Körung test.

KZ (Körzucht) - Qualification Breeding. Both parents have Körung.

Lbz (Lebenszeit) - Breed surveyed for lifetime.

LZ (Leistungszucht) - Performance Breeding. Both parents and all four grandparents have working titles.

NZB (Nachzucht Bewertung) - progeny evaluation.